You can view all of our photos online from the past few years, which have snapshots and memories of our travels around Asia and the rest of the world. Great fun for seeing how far the girls have grown and what adventures we have all been on!

The archive begins in 2002 and is usually up-to-date depending on how much free time we have to upload and process the files! It comes in fits and spurts but we try our best to put the latest online for everyone!

Preview the family album online by clicking on these links:

2002 – Travels to Bali, Cameron Highlands, Bangkok, Pulau Sibu and the highlight: Myanmar, a beautiful country with wonderful people that is still pretty much untouched compared to the rest of Asia

2003 - Travels to Hong Kong, Kyoto, Malaysia feature but the wedding takes pride of place so of course we have all the wedding pictures! We have Singapore pre-wedding parties, stag & hen dos as well as a majestic honeymoon in Rajahstan

2004 – Travels to Sydney, Oakham, Tokyo, Bangkok, Pulau Aur, London and by christmas we are in cold wintry Beijing and the baby bump is showing as we wander the hutongs, dirt markets and along the Great Wall

2005 – Stella is born in February and we travel to Sweden, Western Australia and finish off the year in a camper van travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand

2006 – Stella turns one and later the same year Saskia arrives! We make tracks for the UK and Sweden at the end of the year, and Alastair makes a detour to Barcelona with his new work colleagues

2007 – Travels to Chicago, Bali, Angkor, Hong Kong, Tokyo, the Maldives and Margaret River as we get back onto the road and start travelling with our rapidly growing family. At the end of the year we celebrate Christmas with the Perups and treat them to a surprise 3 day visit to Khao Lak in Thailand.

2008 – So far this year we have been travelling a lot for work, going as far afield as Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam but only managed a quick weekend away to Rawa so far… Watch this space for more!